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How to Install Shockwave Player for Online Slots

Flash slot games are a great step forward in the online slots revolution. People will find that playing flash slot games is a whole lot easier than downloading casino software and then uninstalling the software if you don't the slot games that come with it. With flash slot games, you can enjoy online slots without having to go through the whole process of downloading and installing casino software over and over. All you need to do is to have Macromedia Flash or Shockwave Player installed.

Well, how do I know if I've got Macromedia Shockwave installed on my computer? That's going to be easy to figure out. All you have to do is go to the part or page of the online casino that has the slot games on it. If you can view the slot games on the list and play them then you have it already installed. If not then you will see a little window instead with a instructions telling you to install the Shockwave Player.

All you have to do at this point is to click OK and then you'll get a new window asking you if you want to install the Shockwave Player or not. Your next step is to click "Install" and then an installation window will appear showing the progress of the installation. The whole installation process won't take much of your time since you only have a very small file to install, but the installation time will ultimately depend on your connection speed. It will take minutes if you have dial up Internet but it only takes seconds if you have high speed Internet or DSL.

The next window on your screen will be the Shockwave Player window showing you that the software is now loading. There will be a box asking you which language you want it on, select English or your preferred language. Your installation will then continue and at the very end will warn you that it will close all Internet browsers.

Don't worry since it will reopen the previous browsers back where your slot game was located. You will then have the Shockwave Player logo on your screen and then you can play any flash slot game you like. If ever you have problems installing the Shockwave Player you can check out technical information on the casino web site.

Online flash slot games allow you to enjoy many exciting slot games without the nuisance of installing or uninstalling casino software. Enjoy your chosen slot game and have fun with hundreds more!

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