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ZigZag Slot Machine Winning System?

There is a method of playing the slots that is supposed to win in it for sure. Called the zigzag slot machine winning system, it's supposed to "catch" where the loose machines are.

Loose machines are said to be scattered somewhere in the slots area of some casinos. If we pinpoint where they are we can chance upon hitting their winning combination with a few plays. And knowing exactly where they are can be possible with this slot machine winning system. The procedure is quite simple. We follow a Z pattern in trying a few slot machines in a casino. Often it's the first machine located on the isle we should try. We use maximum required coins.

The first step is to make the machine payout. If it does, play it some more to make the slot machine winning system work. Second step, if the machine does not payout after a few strokes, leave it, skip a few other machines in the line, and try another one. Then repeat the first step. Third step of this slot machine winning system is that after finishing the first row of machines, we go to the next row and repeat the first and second steps. And we go on with the rest of the rows.

The idea behind this system is that casinos are said to place a loose machine somewhere in the aisle or some place near it. Why casino would do that is difficult to see. The myth of the loose machine lying somewhere is a never-dying one but many experts who are against the idea say that federal laws on the matter ensures that all machines are regulated to have a uniform payback percentage. In fact, the computerized machines are set to have certain payback rates. So how would a slot machine winning system work against that?

Even loose machines are random. There's no casino program that makes sure certain machines are tight and a few others loose. Machines do seem tight or loose when, at random, they happen to release wins at certain successive intervals. But that's random. So the idea of a slot machine winning system based on strategically placed and intentionally loosened machines is a long, long shot. Nevertheless, we can try it out and see for ourselves if a zigzag slot machine winning system really does work.

The hope that loose machines are kept in casinos is the premise of most slot machine winning system.

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